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Who is 999777FRA?

– Owner of this blog

– Aliases on web : 999777FRA, ScatScratcher, NouZie

– 999777FRA on YouTube, ScatScratcher on DeviantArt


– Mouse user (I don’t have pen tablet)

– FL Studio 7 XXL Producer Edition user




Q: What’s the meaning of 999777FRA?

A: It’s from my birth year (1997)  & my initial (FRA)


Q: How about ScatScratcher?

A: I don’t know how to tell it XD


Q: And what’s the meaning of NouZie?

A: If you search it on Google you will find Yamaha Nouvo Z


Q: Why you don’t upgrade to the latest FL Studio?

A: FL Studio 7 size is more smaller than the latest ver.


Q: What’s your full name?

A: I don’t want to answer it


Q: Okay, I will only ask your first & middle name.

A: Fenny Ruliati


Q: Where do you live?

A: Ciledug, Tangerang, Indonesia


Q: What’s your gender?

A: Try to guess it


Q: Do you have an UTAU?

A: I have one but I still developing it. And she still doesn’t have a concept art.


Q: Maybe I can draw it for you =)?

A: I’m very appreciate it. Just give your e-mail and contact me via comment page/YT/DA & I will sent you her profile & design.


Q: Umm, my question is not listed on here, how I can ask you?

A: Ask me via comment page, YouTube or DeviantArt


Q: Why you don’t answer my question?

A: Most likely because :

1. That’s private

2. You ask it unpolitely

3. I don’t check my account lately

4. Your question is not make a sense

5. You’re my enemy XD



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